9 thoughts on “Flat Joel D Leaves Home

  1. Dear Flat Joel,
    Greetings from Down Under. I am in Melbourne Australia and I absolutely loved reading Flat Stanley to my students. Maybe you will get to travel to Australia on your Adventure. What do you hope to learn from your travelsto the Phillipines? Why dis you select this destination? How will it make a difference to your view of the world? Safe travelling.

  2. Hey, I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I love your Flat Joel. My son did this project in his kindergarten class 5 years ago. His class colored Flat Stanley and mailed him out. His Flat Stanley went all the way to Iceland. Hopefully, people send you pictures of Joel on his amazing adventures. I like that your class used your original designs instead of just coloring a picture of Flat Stanley.

  3. It’s cool that you’re traveling around. I wonder what you’ll do in Westford? Your Flat Joel D. is cool. I hope you have fun

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