Flat Olivia V. Signing Off

I have been to so many places this year its been really really fun. I wish I was still going on amazing trips, but sadly my journey has ended. I visited  both my cousins. Now one of them is now out of college. They are both really nice. I went to my cousin that just got into college  in Indiana. I had a fun time in Indiana then she sent me to her older sister witch is in college. That time I went to Virgina. They are both really hot.


Flat Olivia V.

I am in Indiana now. I visited the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. I saw all the famous Notre Dame sites:  the Golden Dome football stadium and lit a candle at the grotto. I even got to meet a bride getting married in the Basilica of the Scared Heart on campus. I made a lot of new friends during her visit and got to go to an SYR dorm dance with my new friends. Now I’m on my way to Virgina  for more exciting times.