Flat Abigail in Jacksonvile Florida

I am now in Jacksonvile, Florida. On my adventure I have been in the largest city in the United States by land mass. I have been to the downtown area, it is beautiful! I loved seeing the jaguars in the NFL football team. Oh and I saw a beautiful river and it flows north. Only a few rivers flow north. I think that is why they call this River City . I had a lot of fun in River City. I am going somewhere new.


Flat Abigail in Tucson, Arizona

I am now in Tucson on my adventure I have seen some Javena and some coyotes. I was a little scared in the thunder and lighting storm, but I also liked the rainbow that I saw.  It was very, very, very, hot there it can be as hot as 12o degrees! My mom brought extra water because I was a little overheated. My adventure is continuing somewhere new.