Flat Elyse in Libera, Costa Rica.

I decided to take a trip to a warm tropical destination. I’m right outside Liberia, Costa Rica. Liberia was founded in 1769 and has an average year long temperature of 80 degrees. I’m not too far from the Pacific Ocean, but I am enjoying the scenery of the clouds rolling down the mountains. I am continuing my journey to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.




Flat Alex B. In Puta Cana

When I was at the airport they scanned me it tickled so I laughed when we were on the airplane I played with my friends, a stuffed monkey, and a stuffed bear. we also took some pictures of course. When we landed I woke up and the monkey head was up out of the backpack and said “We are here guys!!! ” so we danced then we found something. When we push a button it lights up. So Cool! I say. But the monkey told us that it was called a tablet. Still so cool! I say. I will see you tomorrow so we can see the hotel we are going too.



Flat Luke in Kyoto, Japan

I saw the famous Kinkakuji Temple. The temple is made of gold! The reflection in the pond is really cool. It was a good time in Japan I also got to see a huge parasol. I also liked it because it was really beautiful. The trees were so cool! Everywhere I went was cool. An interesting fact is its Spring in Japan. Where am I gonna go next?