Flat Kiley in Danbury, Connecticut

Hello, this post is going to be from all the back to October. I carved jack-o-lanterns. I also handed out candy isn’t that awesome! There was a lot of fun costumes in the neighborhood. My aunt said I hope everyone had fun trik-or-treating, and also said don’t eat to much candy. It was an awesome Halloween in Danbury, Connecticut. Talk to you soon.


Flat Rebekah in Holland

 Some friends took Flat Rebekah on a long trip. But this time I didn’t go  in a stuffy envelope… Flat Rebekah went by airplane! Once Flat Rebekah got of the plane Flat Rebekah still did not know where she was until she past a Big sign and it said Amsterdam Welcomes you. Flat Rebekah was in Holland! Flat Rebekah tried some wooden yellow shoes on… But they were much to big. It was hard  getting a picture by the windmill. The wind from the sails of the mill kept blowing Flat Rebekah away.