Flat Holly in Oxford, MA!

I had a fun time in Oxford. I found a Nipmuc stone too! Nipmuc are an American Indian tribe who could be found throughout central Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut! A Nipmuc grinding stone was used for grinding foods before they were cooked. I also visited Clara Barton’s birthplace in Oxford! I’m also bringing back a book about Clara Barton back to class! Can’t wait to see where I’m going next. Bye!

Flat Holly in Kenya!

I had a awesome time in Kenya! I visited the Salama Gachie Community School that is just outside of Nairobi, I made new friends too! I had fun in the class and I went on a safari. When I was in the safari jeep, I took some pictures of animals. I also saw a lion and elephant! It was amazing! Now I’m heading to Williamsburg, Virginia! See you there bye!