I’m now in Zürich Switzerland

Hello again! I traveled to Zürich Switzerland today, with a strong tail wind I flew with 1,5 hours from Amsterdam to Zürich. After arriving and going through customs I rented a car and went through the region of Zürich to Wangen a small village close to the Zürich lake. The weather is grey and sometimes it rains. On the higher mountains there  is already snow on the ground. See you soon! Bye!

Flat Rebekah is still in Tsavo

Hello! Flat Rebekah is back with another adventure! Today I was invited by a fisherman. He wanted me to come with him on his boat. I was afraid of water, so I said no thanks. But he was so kind, I could sit in his boat. This boat is 15 years old and made of mango tree! All fishermen use these kinds of boat. They have not much money. I went to see his house and children. They are very happy together. See you soon!

Last Day in Kenya

Hi I’m back! Today is my last day in Kenya! I visited some farmers. They grow bananas, mangoes, sweet potatoes and lots more! Yum! They are very poor. They earn 2 dollars per day! From this money they have to feed a family of 9. I also tasted the fruit of a Baobab tree. This is as sweet as candy! The Baobab tree looks very strange. It has no leaves. It’s is so wonderful in Kenya, the people are so nice. See you soon!


Flat Rebekah in Kenia in the town of Kilifi

Flat Rebekah is now in Kenya. In the town Kilifi. Flat Rebekah is looking at Kilifi Creek, where I am going to  fish later. For now I went to school and learned some Swahili words. Jambi means Hello, and Kwaheri means Good Bye, Rafik means Friend, Pole Pole, means slow down, and Haraka Haraka means Faster Faster. People are very kind and helpful. See a you soon!