Flat Quinn in Disney World

I got to go to Disney World with Jackson and Maxwell Niedel (Quinn’s cousins in NC). Here I am on a plane. More pictures at Disney coming in separate emails. I have been sent in to Lisa Papenfus in South Carolina. While we were in Orlando , we also went to the Universal Studios. Oops – maybe I should have read this sign before climbing!:) Unfortunately, neither Maxwell,nor Thor, nor I were tall enough to ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster, but we liked to pretend! I rode Space Moutain! It was awesome, super fast , and very dark!! Here I am with Papa, Cassie, LAN , Jen, Jackson and Maxwell on the night before the big half-marathon at Disney. I decided to take a plunge into a cool bag of chips because I was SO hungry! Here I am resting on a Mickey-shaped towel after a swim in the hotel’s pirate pool! This is my last picture, because we had to go home. You can’t see me because Jackson. Was a scary was a scary driver and I asked to hide in the backpack! Off to my next adventure…FlatQuinn10